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Survey & Forum Results

Here's what we've heard so far from residents, developers, and land use experts.

This page will host the results to the Community Survey, Land Use and Development Forum and other public outreach that has been conducted as part of the Comprehensive Plan and Ordinance Update planning efforts. 

Land Use and Development Forum

Thanks to all who participated in this event in February 2022! Many residents who responded to the Implementable Comprehensive Plan questionnaire expressed a desire to preserve the natural character and resources of the Township's western side in light of development pressure. Recognizing the importance of this issue, the Township  invited a panel of experts to lead a discussion of possibilities.

Click this link to watch on YouTube

SUMMARY: Top Eight Takeaways

Community Questionnaire Results

Click the links below to learn how residents responded to questions about Marshall Township's present and future.


FULL RESULTS OUTPUT (including comments)

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