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Key Issue

Recreation & Connectivity


  1. Continue to build out the pedestrian network through trails, paths and sidewalks to create safe, attractive and convenient connections between and among destinations and neighborhoods

  2. Create on-road bikeways as part of the Township’s road maintenance program, widening and improving shoulders to delineate bike lanes and altering intersections to accommodate cyclists.

  3. Create a linear passive recreation space along Big Sewickley Creek that incorporates nature demonstration/education features.

  4. Ensure that the provision of park and recreation facilities and programming keeps pace with the needs of the Township’s growing and changing population. 

  5. Forge public-private partnerships to expand the reach of recreation facilities and programming.


Exceptional recreation facilities and programming meet the needs of current and future residents, including an interconnecting pedestrian network and a variety of recreational experiences.



What is important for the plan to consider about the future of recreation and connectivity in Marshall Township?

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