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We're Updating Our Ordinances

Why Update the Ordinances

As part of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, each municipality's zoning ordinance should reflect the policy goals of the municipality. With the completion of Plan Marshall Township, the Township is ready to implement the plan. The first step is updating the ordinance and aligning policy with the strategies outlined in the plan.  

This Project

The Ordinance Update will play out over a 15-month timeline. We will conduct a review of current ordinances and evaluate them against current best practices. Once, the review is complete the consultant team will work with staff and the project steering committee to deliver a clear, concise code written in plain language. The desired goal for this project is to create a functional ordinance that achieves the goals of the Comprehensive Plan and makes it easier for people on both sides of the development counter.

We will conduct public engagement workshops and visioning sessions to understand what kind of future development the people of Marshall Township would like to see.


Stay tuned for more information and project updates!

Who's Involved?

Township Supervisors have appointed a group of volunteers to direct the ordinance update process, consisting of local leaders, residents and business owners representing a variety of perspectives. 

Members include:

Thomas Madigan, Board of Supervisors Chairman

Jason Bragunier, Board of Supervisors

Paul Kaufman, Planning Commission

Lisa Upton, Planning Commission

David Pampena, Planning Commission

Guy Caruso, Parks and Recreation Commission

Francois Bitz

Tom O'Connor

The Design Hub by Michael Baker International, a Pittsburgh design and community planning studio, is leading the ordinance update process. The Design Hub Team has completed Zoning Ordinance updates and rewrites in communities across the Commonwealth and in the North Hills.

John Skender

Srinivas Kondjou

Leslie Miller-Stover

Lynn Purvis-Yund

Carl Shultz

Laura Kirton

Jim Hollock

Jeff Davison

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